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The transmission is just as vital to an automobile as the engine. It brings the power from the engine to the wheels through a series of gears. The transmission is the most complex component in your automobile. It may have as many as a thousand parts, each having to function perfectly with the others in order to work properly.

Some signs of a failed or failing transmission are:

  • Irregular shifting - unpredictable shifts while driving
  • Rough shifting - abrupt shifting between gears
  • Slippage - this is when your vehicle speeds up, but the vehicle doesn’t respond to it
  • Stains where you park - red stains under the vehicle
  • Grinding sounds
  • Vibrations through the car
  • Check engine light illuminated
  • Dirty fluid - transmission fluid should be red and if it isn't, it's dirty and that's a problem

If experiencing any of these signs, it is critical to take your vehicle to Roy Brothers as soon as possible.

A proper diagnosis of your transmission not only gets rid of your problems, but also saves you a lot of money in the long run. We will road test your vehicle, perform computer diagnostics and examine the transmission to determine if your problem can be repaired without the unit being removed from the vehicle.

If need be, Roy Brothers performs transmission replacements as an authorized Jasper Engine and Transmission dealer and installer!

We sell and install ONLY name brand, quality transmissions!

We understand the importance of ensuring that replacement parts deliver original equipment quality, fit and form.

We install quality remanufactured products from Jasper Engines & Transmissions with a 3 years/100,000 miles parts and labor nationwide warranty. Choose Jasper for proven reliability, guaranteed quality and overall value.