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All automobiles use the same basic radiator cooling system to keep their internal combustion engines from overheating. The heat from the controlled ignition of diesel or gasoline in an engine's cylinders needs to be dissipated safely to prevent an engine from getting too hot. The automobile radiator is a simple solution for engine cooling.

The car radiator is a relatively fragile piece of equipment. The cooling cores are made of very thin metal. Anything that hits or corrodes them can easily puncture them and cause a leak.

Leaky radiators are a serious problem. If you do not keep topping up the coolant in you car's radiator, you risk it overheating. Also, it is not good for a cooling system to have fluctuating coolant levels. Other cooling system leaks can come from a split hose or faulty connection to the radiator or engine.

Roy Brothers can help! Our expert mechanics will diagnose and fix any problem with your car's radiator, hoses and cooling system.