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Mufflers and Exhaust

The exhaust system does more than keep your car quiet. It is designed to reduce emissions from polluting the air we breathe. It also helps your car breathe by regulating pressures created by the internal combustion process. Properly functioning mufflers and exhaust systems directly affect the efficiency of your automobile.

There are signs of wear that can mandate exhaust system replacement:

  • Pipe leaking
  • Body shell distorted affecting performance or structural integrity
  • Corrosion hole
  • Missing component(s)
  • Mounting bracket(s) cracked or broken
  • Puncture (other than a drain hole)
  • Rattling or knocking noise from muffler
  • Seams open or split (exhaust leaking)
  • Flexible couplers
  • Convert plugged

If you have observed any of these signs or suspect excessive wear, call Roy Brothers today for a full inspection.

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