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A battery will last 3-5 years on average, but other things can shorten the life of your car battery.

Extreme weather exposure, for example, can affect a battery's life. There is a chemical reaction happening inside your battery that creates the electrical flow. This reaction is sped up by extreme heat and slowed down by extreme cold.

Your driving habits also have a huge affect. If you use your car mainly for short commutes, that can degrade your battery. Brief trips don't afford the battery enough time to become fully charged by the alternator. When your battery never gets fully charged, that causes the plates inside to corrode.

Let Roy Brothers test your vehicle's battery and give you a little piece of mind. This is a quick diagnostic check to estimate how much more battery life you have.

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We understand the importance of ensuring that replacement parts deliver original equipment quality, fit and form. We have access to many brands to suit your needs.

We feature Interstate® Batteries. With more than 15 million car batteries sold each year, Interstate Batteries is America's No. 1 replacement-brand battery. Interstate Batteries are guaranteed "factory fresh" at the time of purchase and our receipt-free warranties are backed coast to coast.